Vineyard lunch

If you are one of those who think that everything tastes better outdoors and you like to be surprised, this experience is for you.


Exclusive visit with one of the owners of the winery, María or Cristina Amézola, to the vineyards, cellars and winery. Includes the tasting of 4 wines, Iñigo Amézola White, Viña Amézola Crianza, Señorío Amézola Reserva, and Iñigo Amézola Red. Includes lunch at the vineyard: wicker basket with a table of savory foods (potato omelet, salad, Iberian cold meats, etc.),
salad, Iberian cold meats, cheese, foie gras, pickles) and a sweet board (chocolate, yogurt, fruit).


From Monday to Sunday, from 10-18h (previous reservation through the web is essential).


What child doesn’t like to eat in the countryside? It is a real adventure for them… They will enjoy the same concept of picnic as you, but adapted to their tastes!
We will offer them the picnic with a table of salty products and another one of sweet products more according to their age. The typical… potato omelette, chips, croquettes, cold meats, olives, sweets and sweets… and some surprises!

DURATION:2h and 30 min. approx.
PAX: 2-16
PRICE: 85 €/adult and 25 €/children under 16 years of age

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