Bodegas Amézola de la Mora

María Amezola - Finance and Commercial Partner

The brain. The most strategist.

She has the general vision of the winery in her head; she communicates, plans and coordinates the whole team so that the gear works for you.

Cristina Amezola- Technical D. Partner

Creativity. The unorthodox.

She is the driving force; she imagines the wines you like and their possibilities …and is not afraid to take risks to achieve them.

Jorge Pauli - Winemaker

The mastery. The most technical.

He has extensive knowledge and extensive experience in winemaking worldwide that he incorporates in a masterful way to the wines that we bring to your table.

Elena Ab. - Administration

Organization personified. Multitasking.

She brings her professionalism and closeness to give you all our customers the attention you deserve every day and at the same time gives support to the rest of the office.

Miguel - Commercial Manager

Communication. The fresh air.

With his recent incorporation he brings his naturalness and enthusiasm to understand and attend to your different needs.

Javi - Winery Manager

The experience. The most skilled.

He leads the winery team and transmits his enthusiasm for enjoying quality work so that it is reflected in each of the bottles you receive at home.

Orlando - Warehouse Operator

Versatility. The most decisive.

Able to adapt to every circumstance, whether in the winery or in the vineyard.  He will overcome any setback so that you can enjoy our wines.

Elena Ar. - Winery Operator

Precision. The most meticulous.

We blindly trust her with the quality control from start to finish so that every bottle you uncork is worth it.

Adrián - Vineyard Manager

Discipline. The most autonomous.

Worthy of our trust to lead the work and the teams in our vineyards, our best kept secret to produce unique wines that make you enjoy every moment.

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