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Rioja’s Iñigo Amézola and Viña Amézola make it to the Parker list with a score of over 90 points

13:27 – Friday 24 January 2014

Rioja’s Iñigo Amézola and Viña Amézola

Rioja’s Iñigo Amézola and Viña Amézola

The Wine Advocate, an American publication run by the prestigious and influential wine critic Robert M. Parker, has classified Rioja’s Iñigo Amézola and Viña Amézola as “outstanding”.

Iñigo Amézola 2010 (red) has been given 92 Parker points, Viña Amézola 2009 (vintage) 90 Parker points, Señorío Amézola 2007 (reserve) 89 Parker points, and Iñigo Amézola 2010 (white) 88 Parker points.

Exceptional debut in the Parker list

96-100 – Extraordinary
90-95 – Outstanding
80-89 – Barely above average to very good
70-79 – Average
60-69 – Below average
50-59 – Unacceptable

It is the first time that the Rioja winery Bodegas Amézola de la Mora is critiqued by The Wine Advocate and the outstanding result reinforces the quality of the Rioja wines.

Cristina Amézola, owner of Bodegas Amézola de la Mora together with her sister María, admits that “this is really good news. We are happy to know that we are heading in the right path. We are thrilled but we have to be cautious.”

Cristina and María Amézola run the winery Bodegas Amézola de la Mora and are the youngest wine-producers of the Rioja region. Despite their young age, they produce the wine the traditional way focusing on the vineyards and the soil in order to obtain great quality wines.

Retailing at around £30 a bottle, Iñigo Amézola 2010 spends 10 months in a barrel made out of French and American oak. With an intense cherry colour, it has a fruity aroma with the flavour of different spices. The wood, well integrated with the overripe fruit, keeps the wine fresh.

Viña Amézola (vintage) 2009 retails at around £14 a bottle and spends 15 months in semi-toasted oak casks. It combines tradition with modernity, with notes of coffee, forest fruit, caramel and sweet spices. It has an intense taste with an acid touch.

Family winery in the heart of Rioja region

The Rioja winery Bodegas Amézola de la Mora is a small family business situated in Torremontalbo, Rioja. Its wines are exported to Europe, USA and China. Bodegas Amézola de la Mora have been distributing its wines in the United Kingdom for over 20 years to their faithful British consumers.

Bodegas Amézola de la Mora in Torremontalbo

Bodegas Amézola de la Mora in Torremontalbo

Torremontalbo is a small village situated in the wine region of Rioja. The proximity to the Najerilla river marks the character of its vegetation, which is constituted mainly by river bank forests and vineyards. Its main attraction is the fortified tower that belongs to the Count of Hervías built during the XIV-XV centuries on top of a roman fortified tower.

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